Inauguration Ceremony for Prof. Li Ke
Prof. Ke Li from Graduate School of Business, Nihon University, was appointted as a visiting professor of Zhejiang University on October 25, 2010. Vice President Chaohui Wu, and Professor Xiangrong Jin, Executive deputy president of School of Economics, as well as faculty and students
Inauguration Ceremony for Prof.John Whalley
Professor John Whalley, one of the leading economists in the world, was appointed Guest Professor of Zhejiang University on 27th Nov. Vice dean of the economics college, Professor Yuexiang Jiang
Inauguration Ceremony for Prof. YU Siu Hung Eden
Professor YU Siu Hung Eden, Associate Dean of College of Business, City University Of Hong Kong, was appointed Guest Professor of Zhejiang University on 24th March. The school of Economics's Vice dean Xiangrong Jin
  • +HE
  • New Development of the Analysis of Econometric Convergence:with special application to real interest rates parity
  • +Industrial Organization Seminar
  • Theme topics:1. What is Industrial Organization?;2. Monopoly Pricing;3. Product Differentiation and Price Competition;
  • +U.S. senate academician x6.3
  • Similarities between the complexity in Economics and the Social Sciences and Complexity in Engineering