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Research shows that advertisers receive the highest Return On Investment (ROI) from Pay-Per-Click placement in web search engine, when compared to other forms of advertising.

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Turbo Fetch, powered by Google™, A leader in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) search listings, is redefining how businesses advertise online. Turbo Fetch lists your site in search results across the Globe and delivers high returns on your investment. 

Account Features
Account active in less than 24 hours!
Full setup assistance by a listings specialist!
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Full Access and Control of your account!
Free Account Listings Optimization!
No Service Fee

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1. Start an account by filling out the form .

2. Upon signing up for your account you can, create listings, choose keywords, bid on where you want you listing placed in the results page for each keyword, become an affiliate, etc. Example: "Women's Apparel" at 0.10 per click puts you in position #3 on the results page for the search on that keyword/phrase., etc...

3.You set your budget to pay for each sales lead generated from search results of keywords/phrases you've bid on, and pay only when customers click through to your site. You can bid on as many or as few keywords as you choose and deem necessary for your website's success. Funds are deducted from your account daily to cover daily click-through charges.

4. Monitor the results in our easy your use advertisers account center admin section. Login to your secure account anytime 24/7 to modify info, check stats, view remaining funds, add money, add listings/keywords, research keywords popularity and current cost for top positions of keywords, etc....

*The market you are in, will determine the cost of keywords and search phrases. Some markets are more competitive, such as "web design" or "casino gambling" might be more expensive per click for the top 3 positions, than say "embroidered dress" or "angel candle", etc...


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